Strap Seal FL-230(295mm)


The FL-230 strap seal is a fixed length plastic security seal. The seal is easy to use and because of its fixed length you can detect fraud easily. At the backside of the seal you can check if the seal is properly secured, by checking the 2 control points. This FL-230 seal is easy to break by hand. The security seal is used in several applications (trailers, doors, containers, railcars, TIR-lines, tote boxes, curtain slides, In-bond shipments, hatches and gates).
We are able to print your company logo and/or barcode at the labels.


- This seal is with a fixed length
- Easy to apply
- Unique number is printed at each label
- Possibility to customize your seals with company logo and / or barcode

Technical specifications:

- Material: polypropylene
- Print: SEALED do not remove + unique number (white print) 
- Total length: 290 mm 
- Flag size: 60 mm x 21 mm 
- Tail size: 230 mm x 7 mm
- Breaking strength: 20 kg
- Color: red, blue.
- Temperature -40˚C / +80˚C



Also possible to print your logo on the flag! Please contact us for prices!


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