DSR-250 plastic seal with your Logo!(250mm)


The DSR-250 is a plastic security seal with a smooth tail which makes it easy to use. The seal is made of high-grade polypropylene with a metal insert which makes it a strong security seal. The DSR-250 security seal is a seal that meets the requirements of the FDA. This security seal is suitable for tankers, tank cleaning companies, TIR cables, IBCs, catering trolleys, and locking system for trucks. Packed per 10 pieces in a row, and 2.000 pcs per box. 

Your logo, text and/or unique numbers will be specially designed and printed onto your security seals! 


The security seal can be locked at different required lengths 
Fast and easy to apply 
Unique print with your logo, barcode, text and/or unique numbers 

Technical specifications: 

Material: Polypropylene 
Print conform request: laser marking (or thermal printing)
Total length: 300 mm, Flag size: 50 mm x 18,5 mm , Tail size: 250 mm x Ø 2,3 mm 
Breaking strength: 15 kg

For large quantities please 
contact us for a customized price!


The DSR-250 is not available with standard print. Prices below are for products with personal print. For orders under 2.000 pieces €25 design costs are charged for the first time only.


Please sent you logo to: Info@hoefon.nl


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DSR-250 plastic seal with your Logo!(250mm)
DSR-250 plastic seal with your Logo!(250mm)

Indicative Seal


Indicative Seal

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Anzahl pro Verpackung: 2000 Stück
Gewicht Verpackung: 5,5 kg
Maße Verpackung: 59 * 40 * 22,5 cm

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