Security Bag Big (A3)

The security bag (also named coinbag) is a strong envelope / bag for preventing fraud, theft, tampering, or just possible unnecessary discussions with your customer or supplier. After opening the security bag it is impossible to seal / lock the bag again without leaving traces, so it’s obvious that someone has been in the bag. The security bag has a closing strip that can easily be sealed. After opening this strip it will leave traces (text VOID OPEN) if someone opened the security bag. All other sides of the bags have security welds so it’s not possible to tamper at those places either.


The strong material of the sealed bag protects the goods in the envelope. You can write at the security bag, so you can leave important information and messages. Every security envelope has a unique number, what is handy for your administration and also prevents fraud. The security bag has a receiving strip with the unique number as well and you can write at the strip. This receipt strip can be used for your administration procedure.


The security bags are used for sealed shipments of: banknotes, cash money, cole, found objects, cameras, confidential documents, contracts, construction drawings, and a lot of other valuable products or documents.

- easy to seal / close 
- unique numbered

- customized print (logo / barcode) is possible from 1.000 pcs

Technical Specifications:
- Material: Polyethylene

- Print: Standard with unique number and explanation chart how to seal the bag

- Optional: print with logo, barcode, or special text

- Thickness: 60 micron
- Size: 320 mm x 470 mm + 50 mm receipt strip (suitable for A3 content)
- Color: White with blue text details and strip


For big quantities please contact us for a special price!

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Security Bag Big (A3)
Security Bag Big (A3)

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Indicative Seal

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Maße Verpackung: 52 * 37 * 22 cm

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