Full Transfer Security Labels with Release Liner HT-F


Hoefon tamper evident security labels are designed to create visual evidence of tampering by revealing a hidden message VOID / OPEN when the tape has been lifted or otherwise breached. It is not possible to put back the label without evidence that someone opened the package (theft / fraud). With these security labels your customer recognizes that the package has been sent confidential, and if the text Void / Open is visible customer will immediately take action. When sending confidential documents or products you only want your customer to open it. The full transfer security labels are used on carton boxes, envelopes, and other packagings (that are used for one single time mostly). Often used for sending electronic devices, computer software, bank documents, etc.
Hoefon indicative self-voiding adhesive seals can be used at any surface, including corrugated cardboard, metal, painted, and powder coated surfaces.

Security Features:

–    Your self-markable label surface protects your writing. Material to be written using a pencil, typewriter or ball-point pen.
–  Adhesive and numbers will be fully transferred to the surface, and it can not be removed.
–   Visual evidence of tampering by revealing a hidden message.
–    A unique number is printed on the tape every 15 cm improves security, which can be recorded on the packing list or bill of lading.
–  The tape is perforated every 15 mm so the labels are easy to tear off the roll.
–  A "color-change" feature.
–    Both closing packaging and sealing the shipment with one solution.
–    Can be used as labels and as a tape
–    Security labels are with release liner, so small quantities can be delivered as well
–    Possibility to print own text, own numbers, and company logo.

Technical Specifications:

–  Material:polyester with acrylic adhesive
–  Width: 50 mm
–    Length Roll: 50 m
–    Color: Red / White Sample Request

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Anzahl pro Verpackung: 108 Stück
Gewicht Verpackung: 25 kg
Maße Verpackung: 43 * 43 * 34 cm

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