Metal strap ball seal


The metal strap ball seal MS-B is an all-round indicative security seal. The metal security seal is easy to close by bending the metal strap seal and click it in the locking mechanism. The MS-B has a fixed closing length which is very easy to use. At the metal strap seal an unique number and the text SEALED has been stamped into the metal strap. You can lock and break the metal strap seal just once. A cutting tool is required to break/cut the strap seal.


The MS-B metal strap seal is used for many applications, such as: securing trailers, trucks, TIR lines, freight containers, and train / railway carriages. Because a simple cutting tool is necessary to cut the security seal, this metal strap seal can also be used against intruders in your trailer (like fugitives at the borders). They can easily break plastic seals, but not these metal strap seals. The MS-B metal strap ball seal is conform ISO 17712:2013 category indicative seals.



Easy and quick installation
Easy to break with cutting tool

Technical specifications:

Material: tin plated steel
Total length: 220 mm
Tail length: 211 mm
Thickness: 0,3 mm x 8,5 mm
Breaking strength: 87 kg
Color: silver
Package: bags of 100 pcs, 500 pcs per carton / box


Minimum order quantity is 500!

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Indicative Seal


Indicative Seal

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Anzahl pro Verpackung: 500 Stück
Gewicht Verpackung: 7 kg
Maße Verpackung: 25 * 20 * 23 cm

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