High Security Bolt Seal cutter by hand


The hydraulic boltseal cutter is usable by everybody, so it is the suitable ergonomic cutter for cutting container seals. The cutter works hydraulic and by easy pumping several times the jaw will close gradually until the container boltseal breaks. Because it works easy without effort you can control the cutting proces so safety is guaranteed. Totally different than the usual bolt cutters that are heavy and not easy to work with.


This hydraulic cutter is not designed to cut flat steel or steel cables / wire.




-designed for safetylong lifetime, and maximum cut efficiency

-the jaw of the cutter is hardened steel specially designed for container boltseals

-jaw is designed for cutting steel of round diameter 5-12 mm

-plastic handles for optimal adhesion and safety

-delivered in red suitcase


Technical specifications:

-sizes suitcase: length 61 cm, width 8 cm, height 22 cm

-weight: 5,3 KG (inclusive suitcase)

-length cutter: 55 cm

-jaw can rotate 180 degrees


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Anzahl pro Verpackung: 1 Stück
Gewicht Verpackung: 6 kg
Maße Verpackung: 61 * 22 * 8 cm

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