Anti-Diebstahl Anzeige Hakensperre

Stop lock is used in the supermarket store or the digital retail shop, to avoid the merchan-dise being removed from the display hook. To protect the merchandise and creave a friendly & interactive enviroment for retail store. 


Mainly apply to display hooks.

Technical Specifications:

- Dimension: 40*20*15mm 
- Inner diameter: 6mm. 
- Material: ABS

- Prices per set (50+1)

- Packed per set (50 hook-stops + 1 magnetic key)
- Colour: Red


1. Use a opener (detacher, magnetic key) to open the stop lock. 
2. Put the stop lock onto the display hook and close the mercherdise on the hook. 
3. If you need to take off the merchandise from the display hook, the magnetic key could help you to open the stop lock.

Menge1+ 2+ 
Preis pro Stück€49,00€47,00
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