Plastic seal DSP-170


The DSP-170 is a  pull tight indicative plastic seal. This adjustable seal is easy to break by hand. The DSP-170 is widely used for sealing first aid boxes, catering trolleys, duty free trolleys, ATM cassettes, AEDs, ATMs, cash bags, medical equipment, emergency exits, etc.
The DSP-170 is available in the standard colors white and yellow printed SEALED and a unique number. Other colors and / or printing required (eg logo or barcode) are available on request.


- Tear-off option for easy hand removal.
- Secure, adjustable, strong and versatile
- Easy to apply
- Multi-locking positions
- Unique and sequential numbering
- 100% plastic easy to recycle

Technical specifications:

- Material: PP/PE
- Total length: 180mm
- Label dimensions: 30 x 20mm
- Tale: 150 mm x Ø 2,7 mm
- Breaking strength: 15kg
- Color: yellow, white


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Indicative Seal


Indicative Seal

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Anzahl pro Verpackung: 1000 Stück
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Maße Verpackung: 25 * 25 * 43 cm

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